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The City of Maricopa is prepared to offer a comprehensive package of local and state incentives for impactful projects.


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The City of Maricopa offers convenient access to Phoenix, Tucson, and other major markets throughout the Southwest.


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Stories of success

Jim Rounds, Senior Vice President at Elliott D. Pollack & Company

The City of Maricopa continues to surprise; posting very strong workforce characteristics even post-recession. The educational attainment is higher than Greater Phoenix as a whole and Pinal County, and many residents work in higher, value-added professions. These characteristics will prove very useful within the City's overall economic development efforts going forward.

Mike Richey, owner of Maricopa Ace Hardware

The community has shown amazing resiliency of spirit and character. They support local businesses. There’s a real camaraderie and sense of community in town that you just can’t find in big cities.

Rob Johnson, Public Relations at Basha’s

Here’s the thing that I think if you’re not in Maricopa that you need to remember. When you’re at a Dbacks game, or a Suns game, or an ASU game, or in the mall, or anywhere you’d go where there are a lot of people, you’d be surprised to find out how many of those people are from Maricopa….Maricopa is a fully integrated, bona fide part of metro Phoenix now. If you’re a retailer and you’re not a part of that mix, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of metro Phoenix that you may not have thought about. They’re thinking about us and we need to be thinking about them.

Rosalinda O’Hare, owner of Peñascos

Maricopa’s really unique. It’s very diverse. We have a lot of people here from all different states and it seems to me that for the people who move here to Maricopa it’s all about hope, excitement about the new city, and I just feel that it’s a great place to open up based upon experience of 6 years. Especially during the bad economy, people here in Maricopa were very, very loyal to our business and I feel that it’s a great place to open up a business.

Suzzan Cortez, Store Manager at Walmart

Maricopa is a fast growing community, which means business opportunities. Maricopa really is supportive of local businesses and they really try to support us in making sure that we’re successful.

Todd Sergi, Vice President at Single Tenant Retail

We have a great working relationship with the City. They understand our vision and the needs of a developer, and we have been able to work through any challenges encountered to get projects delivered on time.